See WHAT I FOUND in the Belly! How To Fillet a Mahi Mahi

How to fillet, skin & clean a fish video. Mahi Mahi aka dolphin fish caught in Florida fishing the deep sea by fishing girl Darcizzle. Including cutting tips & tricks. See what I found & what’s inside the fish belly! ⇊CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO & LINKS⇊

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How To Fillet a Mahi Mahi (My Video) ➜

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More info. on why you should rinse fish ONLY in saltwater and not freshwater (copied from someone):
An average fish muscle contains: Na+, K+, P, Ca2+, Mg2+ at 72, 278, 190, 79, 38mg/100g muscle. Approx 1-2% dissolved salt content + other compounds dissolved within the cell plasma. (…6e/x5916e01.htm and end source)

These dissolved items give the fish muscle a higher osmotic pressure than the fresh water you are rinsing with (check salt contents with your water provider). The water moves into surface muscle cells via osmosis until it bursts, this may happen whilst you are rinsing or in the minutes following. Burst muscle cells can’t retain water so surface fillet texture and flavour is lost. If cell lysis occurs after rinsing, the proteins and enzymes within the cell are more readily available as food for bacteria. Cathepsin D is activated by water, accelerating bacteria growth.

Salt water has a salt content of 3.5g/100g water, 3.5% dissolved salt content and not many other dissolved compounds.

This makes salt water similar in osmotic pressure to the muscle cells of salt water fish fillet. No significant intake or outtake of water from the cell occurs thus texture is preserved.
Cathepsin D is deactivated by salt water, enzyme activity is completely diminished by a 5% NaCl (salt) solution. Proteins are kept intact, thus flavour remains unaltered

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