Who Is Darcizzle?

My name is Darcie or better known as Darcizzle. I am a female angler here in sunny South Florida – the fishing capital of the world! My goal in the fishing industry is to prove that females, children, and young anglers alike can discover the secrets of fishing and accomplish their angling goals. Age is just a number, and experience comes with practice. I can tie knots, rigs, gaff fish, throw a cast net and bridle live bait, kite fish and more! YOU can do it too! I want to prove to all anglers and newbies to the sport; it’s fun to get your hands dirty! It’s also fun to show the old timers you can catch fish too! The tug is the ultimate drug! Keep On Catchin’! ~ Darcie



Darcie aka Darcizzle has been on the water since the age of 3 when she started tagging along with her father fishing and lobstering on an 18′ Gheenoe out of Miami, Florida; her hometown. She currently lives in Boynton Beach, FL and fishes weekly on a the 23′ SEADEK Proline out of Boynton Beach Inlet. Darcie recently quit her full-time desk job after 5 years to pursue her fishing dreams! She is now a full-time YouTuber and outdoors/fishing girl while providing fishing tips, tricks, how-tos, techniques & more! Darcie also finds the time to go to college at FAU to complete her bachelor’s degree when she’s not fishing/filming! She loves being a role model, encouraging kids, woman and people of all ages to get outdoors and go fishing!  Darcie is also a writer for Coastal Angler Magazine, Palm Beach County edition, with her own monthly fishing report & tips article. Darcizzle Offshore is proud to support a number of companies and organizations related to fishing, diving and the ocean in general by assisting and doing whatever is necessary to market and promote her sponsor’s and partner’s products and events. Please click on “Sponsors” in the navigation menu above for further information about the companies she supports.


1. I live two miles from the marina, and the marina is one mile from the inlet.
2. I live in SoFlo and can fish year round.
3. Boynton Beach is closer to the gulf stream than any other place. It’s 500′ deep 3 miles out and we catch pelagics and bottom fish within 2 miles of shore. ​
4. I do not have children or other family responsibilities and do not go out drinking. ​
​5. I have someone to fish with all the time and a full-time “photographer.”
​6. It’s the internet, most pictures are not taken that same day.
7. We don’t do anything else :)​

I recently quit my full time office job to focus on my love and passion for fishing. I post content everyday (pictures, video, etc) on Social Media, not all fish pictures posted are “real time.” Usually the caption will tell you if I caught a particular fish THAT day so please read the details to find out! When I do go fishing, real-time videos and pictures are posted throughout the course of the fishing trip.

During my high school years, I was an athlete and I was member of the Cross Country and Track & Field team. I eventually became Captain of both teams, I trained frequently and worked hard. During my junior year I broke the high school record for the fastest mile, which I still hold to this day. To my teammates, I became known as “Cizzle” and from that DARCIZZLE was born! 

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