Stone Crab Claw Necklace


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Custom Made Stone Crab Claw Necklace
→ Made of an actual stone crab claw. No two claws are alike. (Each claw is different & unique, like human finger prints)
PRICE IS BASED ON CLAW SIZE- the BIGGER the claw, it becomes more difficult for us to capture & harvest in my crab traps!
Claw Sizes (Small to Big)= Medium, Large, Jumbo, Colossal (Jumbo & Colossal Size Claws are more rare for me to harvest)
→ Made with genuine braided leather and genuine smooth leather
→ Handmade in Florida
No stone crabs were harmed creating this necklace, each crab is released alive & will grow the missing claw back
→ Pick a necklace with a Sterling Silver Bail or NO Bail

→ Necklace Gift Box

Weight N/A
Claw Size (Length)

Medium Size 1" – 1.5", Large 1.5" – 1.75", Jumbo 1.75" – 2", Colossal 2"+


Genuine Braided Leather (Black), Genuine Smooth Leather (Black), Genuine Braided Leather (Brown)

Select Material

Sterling Silver Bail, No Bail, Leather Only

Necklace Length

16", 18", 20", 22", 24"


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