June 2017 – Fishing the Palm Beaches

With summer on our minds, it is hard to believe we are half way thru 2017! The water temperatures will be gradually rising another two degrees to an average of 82.6⁰F.  During this month, wind speeds should become fairly consistent with calm to moderate easterly breezes majority of the time. Anglers, please be sure to take heed of Mother Nature and pay attention to afternoon thunderstorms. Late afternoon thunderstorms build and creep up on you quickly if you’re not paying attention. I would suggest getting an early start if you decide to head offshore to find dolphin. If you are the first to find an offshore weedline it can make a huge difference as to what lands in your fish box at the end of the day.

Bottom dwellers such as groupers, yellowtails, mangroves and muttons will be continue to be plentiful. Blackfin tuna ranging from 20-30lbs are in our area too, confirmed by numerous local fishing reports. Sailfish are also a likely catch, which are still around in smaller resident numbers. Bonito will make a grand appearance this month and will be thick in numbers around the reef in 80 to 150 feet of water all the way from Boynton Beach to the Juno ledges.  This is a great fish to fight on light tackle. They are loads of fun for the kids to catch and provide great excitement for a family outing offshore. 

Mixed bag of yummy fish caught in Marathon, FL! Click to see full video!
Throughout the month of June we should continue to have a substantial and constant bite offshore. The dolphin bite should continue to be red hot during the month, from Boca Raton, Palm Beach and Jupiter. If you’re on the hunt for that elusive, hefty bull dolphin; here is a MUST read tip for you! Birds are an important factor when you’re offshore, majority of the time they are over bait, debris and pelagics. Lone frigates are often found following sizable pelagic fish that pushed bait to the surface. However, if the birds are facing in the direction of the moving current, and hovering over a small area, they are over large dolphins. This is because larger dolphin, face into the current preying on bait and small fish moving with the stream. But if the birds are circling and moving upstream with the current, they are over schoolies. Small dolphins feed and move with the current because they are not strong enough to fight the stream.  This method works very well and 9/10 times you will know what you’re dealing with before you get to them! 
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